Friday, September 26, 2008

C.I is killing me

Here's a short rant.

-my throat is itching the tits outta me,
i just want to burn it with anything hot and drinking hot water isnt really helping. =/

-Coperate identity is killing me, as in its making me really stressed up because we only have 5 bullfucking weeks to complete the handbook, refined logos plus extensions which include, perhaps a leaflet, a brochure, a visitors booklet, port card, bill boards, print ads, website etc etc. @_@!!!

and now thwere's only 2 weeks left.


and i refuse to show the C.I devil anything because he just knows how to PMS up and down his nut-huggers and also i think he has a problem with my face lah
[ like i dont have a prob with his dogmatic face]

SO, if i do show him any of my progress work face to face he would screw me verbally of course, vulgarly too, annnd if i send him emails he would just say things like..
"its the worst ive seen for the day. thanks for spoiling my day!"

diemotherfuckerdie!!! i just wish i could slap you til you freaking talk nicely and perhaps be a little more CLEAR towards us student[s].anus.


And im now out of ideas.
awesome! D:

off to do more research.

-signs off-


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